Thursday, 12 November 2015

BFS 465, linux-4.3-ck1

Finally a resync to mainline linux, with linux-4.3.

BFS by itself:


-ck branded linux-4.3-ck1 patches:

4.3-ck1 patches

In addition to the usual collection of resyncs and minor updates, this includes 3 patches courtesy of Alfred Chen who maintained the fort while I was too busy to work on a resync for linux-4.2. (THANKS!) His changes fix a warning that happens on some system on startup, hopefully fix the long standing hang on heavy file access with truly unlocked block flush unplugging, and a build problem.

With such a large resync and update, the usual warnings apply regarding instability, file system corruption and unwanted impregnations.

EDIT: Build fix: bfs465-nohz-buildfix.patch


Sunday, 9 August 2015

BFS 464, linux-4.1-ck2

Here's an updated BFS/CK which includes the one test patch I put on this blog after 463 and another trivial fix for the previous release. The patch fixed a lot of regressions including hangs with BTRFS and panics on shutdown.

BFS by itself:


-ck branded linux-4.1-ck1 patches:

4.1-ck2 patches


Sunday, 2 August 2015

BFS 463, linux-4.1-ck1

Finally a resync to linux-4.1 . Sorry I was just too preoccupied to get around to doing this, and I haven't directly addressed a few known problems that have workarounds, and it comes with a warning.

BFS by itself:


-ck branded linux-4.0-ck1 patches:

4.1-ck1 patches

The usual collection of resyncs and minor updates including pending fixes post 462.

This includes a fix for some uniprocessor build problems courtesy of Serge Belyshev. If you still have boot problems with uniprocessor builds the workaround is to create an SMP kernel.

I've finally bit the bullet and removed the block flush code from within the main schedule() call, in keeping with how mainline does it. This is a problem that has recurred every time I've removed this change from previous kernels and had to re-add it every time. Complete hangs under particularly heavy IO used to be the problem, please report back if these come back with this kernel, hence the warning.

On the previous kernel, some had crashes unless they enabled NUMA. I have no idea what caused these and have done no specific changes to address it. I don't want people to enable NUMA unnecessarily but if you have crashes this is the first thing to try and please report back.


Thursday, 16 April 2015

BFS 462, linux-4.0-ck1

Announcing a resync and update of BFS for linux-4.0

BFS by itself:


-ck branded linux-4.0-ck1 patches:

4.0-ck1 patches

The usual collection of resyncs and minor updates only.

It includes the following changes:
- Minor tweaks to uniprocessor build (though enabling SMP will fix breakage if it still exists).
- Fix for tracing build failure
- SMT nice update to ignore kernel threads
- Decrease log level of locality information to debug

EDIT Fix for 4.0.2+: bfs462-rtmn-fix.patch